Taste Denmark – Copenhagen

I had the pleasure and good fortune of traveling quite a bit in 2014. One destination was Copenhagen, Denmark. Being that I am quite Scandinavian, this was a true trip of a lifetime…although I fully intend to return based on my amazing experience. Here are a few key food snaps from my travels. You’ll be sure to see more shots from this wonderful trip! Please feel free to share your travel and eating experiences in relation to Copenhagen/Denmark in the comments! My articles here are a work in progress, and I will enjoy re-publishing this post with the benefit of your input!

Copenhagen dining was like going into people’s cozy homes where you were treated like family. I found it amazingly welcoming and I didn’t want to leave. They burn candles and often have fireplaces lit to keep it cozy. The term for this style of intimate gathering is “Hygge”…and maybe it is my Scandinavian ancestry, but I felt completely at home in this environment.

 This is a photo of Smørrebrød (open faced sandwiches in Denmark). Smorsbrod

You go into these super cozy little places and they serve what they have  at the moment. This was a variety of six, each with a totally delightful mix of mostly cold ingredients. Everything from herring to roast beef to smoked salmon along with eggs, lemons, cucumbers, horseradish, tomatoes, and leafy greens. Yummy and fun to share with my husband.

We were walking around in mid-November on the Stroget (a huge walking street with shops and cafes), looking at the sights and the little pop-up Christmas Villages. We were getting cold and saw a sign for a little cafe/tavern. We stepped down into the place and there were tables with candles and little groups of people warming up over hot glog (wine with fruit and spices) and Smørrebrød. The man running the place brought us drinks and asked if we’d like to eat. We said yes we’d love to see a menu. He then explained that he had Smørrebrød, 6 types, and he’d be happy to bring a plate with one of each. We split each one so we could try all of them. I just loved this style of dining! Cozy and personal.

In the early evening between 5 and 6pm, our hotel had a cozy lobby happy hour where you could help yourself to red or white wine, compliments of your host. We only missed this on our last day due to getting in last-minute sight seeing. It was so relaxing to come in from a day of adventure to sit at the big wooden table or on one of the welcoming chairs or couches and have a glass of wine. We would sit silently and use the wireless connection to upload photos from the day or respond to emails. Or we’d grab the travel guides on the tables and look for fun things to do after dinner or the next day. Copenhagen felt like a big warm hug…or, ahem…hygge!


The Lonely Planet Travel Guides are my favorite, as you’ll see me mention in other travel posts. If you’ve never used one, I highly recommend them. They come with a pull-out map, fit nicely in a pocket or pack, and the way they present information is great for at-a-glance reference as well as full-blown planning..all complete with resources for further learning, ticket prices and ordering info, and so on. Also they contain a handy language and culture guide in case you’re like me…pretty uni-lingual and wide-eyed about seeing new places. It is nice to be able to save face and thank someone in their language after they help you get to where you’re going!


The photo above is one of many amazing window displays set up for Christmas on the Stroget. I will post many more later and explain them…if that is possible. This is an elaborate Gingerbread Castle in a department store display.


We visited a museum in Denmark where five real Viking Ships have been excavated and restored in recent years. There was a cafe there where you could purchase foods and drinks that the Vikings would have had. This cafe takes a contemporary spin on the dishes and drinks. Pictured here is Mead and Beer!

Resources for further learning:

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