Tomatoes vary in size, color, shape and most of all flavor. When the summer draws to a close, there is nothing better than the simplicity of a fresh garden tomato. We slice them and add a basil leaf and a bit of buffalo mozzerella, drizzle with  balsamic vinegar and olive oil and enjoy them on the porch over-looking the yard. Perfect for a late Summer cocktail after gardening.

Here are some lovely tomatoes from my Sister-In-Law Amy’s garden harvest of 2014:


My Mother-In-Law brought her remaining harvest here from Colorado to Texas because the sudden temperature drop at the end of her season meant grabbing everything at once off of the vines. We enjoyed a half grocery bag of fresh tomatoes, leaving just these to roast at the end in order to get the most from the harvest.


How do you incorporate tomatoes into your meals? what are your favorite types? Do you grow tomatoes or have any growing tips? I will re-visit and re-publish this article after hearing from you.

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