Worst Taco Award

Once again, we find that New England just needs to bow out with the Mexican/Tex Mex food, or go to school. Fasten your seatbelts taco lovers, because you may get whiplash. Either this is conjuring evil spirits or this was the special at a restaurant I visited in Warwick, Rhode Island. At the time of…

Pasta Carbonara

This simple recipe makes a quick week night dinner, but is special enough for a date night. Serve with garlic bread and salad to a group.

Zippy Seafood Sauce

A tangy cocktail sauce for seafood with a little heat and lots of flavor.

Creamy Garlic & Cheddar Grits

Great for brunches, this decadent side dish never fails. I guarantee someone will ask you for this recipe when they try these cheesy grits!