Zippy Seafood Sauce

A tangy cocktail sauce for seafood with a little heat and lots of flavor.

Creamy Garlic & Cheddar Grits

Great for brunches, this decadent side dish never fails. I guarantee someone will ask you for this recipe when they try these cheesy grits!

Seven Seas Casserole

A classic casserole, this makes for an easy and quick weeknight dinner for the family.

King’s Ranch Chicken Casserole

Originally made as a chicken dish on King Ranch (the largest ranch in the US, in Texas), this has evolved into a beloved casserole.

Hollandaise Sauce

A simple sauce everyone should master. Enjoy on a variety of foods such as eggs, asparagus, or even fresh tomatoes.

Culinary Hot Tips for Drunkfolk

This list easily also works for college students (or anyone on a super tight budget), or just to make you laugh. Hot tip: drink a lot of water with any of these options, especially if you did just have a few drinks. Being hydrated makes the morning a little less filled with regret. Ramen Quesadillas…