Worst Taco Award

Once again, we find that New England just needs to bow out with the Mexican/Tex Mex food, or go to school. Fasten your seatbelts taco lovers, because you may get whiplash. Either this is conjuring evil spirits or this was the special at a restaurant I visited in Warwick, Rhode Island. At the time of…

Maple Pumpkin Pie

Use maple syrup in place of sugar in this delightful pumpkin pie recipe, and make it an eye popper with my tips.

Funeral Potatoes

Indulgent comfort food that is great anywhere from a holiday table to a potluck. Be a hero and serve these to a crowd!

Jack-o’-lantern Stuffed Bell Peppers

These crowd-pleasers make a fun and festive Halloween dish. For those in the crowd who never liked stuffed peppers, stick with me. These are different. First, traditional stuffed peppers tend to be green bell peppers with stuffing and sausage and sometimes tomato sauce. If you like that, hey! Go for it but try using yellow…