Next Level Macaroni & Cheese

Kicking off 2020 with the magic of a successful new recipe tested on my guests this holiday season! What is special about this recipe? The toasted French bread crouton/crumb topping and the copious cheese sauce that merges with it while baking. This adaptation of decadent Macaroni & Cheese turns up the bread concept, and rather…

Healthier Potato Soup

Traditional Scandinavian Potato Soup made healthier by replacing some potatoes with cauliflower and turnips, and reducing the amount of higher fat ingredients like butter and milk, and omitting cream. Flexible for making leftovers more exciting.

Quick Fall Soup: Chicken Enchilada easy/slowcooker

This can be made on the stove quickly or slow-cooked while you relax. Ingredients: 2 – 3 chicken breasts 2 carrots, cubed 2 spines celery, cut 1/3 inch pieces 1 onion, diced medium 1 jar tomatillo salsa 6 cups stock 24 oz can black beans 14 oz can diced tomatoes and green chilies Cumin Garlic…

One Dish Wonder: Paella

This pescatarian version of my recipe for Paella was made with vegetable stock, Soyrizo and with chicken served on the side for those who wished to have it.

The Soup Pot Cookbook in Weight Watchers Points

For those of you who own my first cookbook “The Soup Pot” (which you can purchase in my online shop here, my Etsy shop here, or on Amazon here), and who are also on Weight Watchers, I’ve broken down the points per serving for every soup recipe in the book! Here’s a look at some…

Hatch Season

From Huevos Rancheros to burritos, green chili is the king of sauces, and as chili in the bowl you just cannot beat it.

My Kitchen Love – Family

Pa, a veteran of WWII, at age 93 as I write this, just saw my second cookbook. The significance of that is that I dedicated the book to he and his late wife Helen (Gram).