Update! They’re Staying Open For Now

Update! They’re still open, and could be here for awhile!! According to their Facebook post from 3/11/19:

Great news, y’all! We have reached a deal with our landlord to keep BB’s open for the foreseeable future!

You can consider us to be off “life support” & we’ll be exercising to get the “blood” i.e., BEER, flowing free again.

As it happens, though, we are still pretty short on staff, so we’ll continue operate on reduced hours for now, with a gradual phase-in of additional shifts. If you know someone who might enjoy cooking or waiting tables in a great neighborhood pub, send ’em our way!

We’ll be posting regular updates here as to our hours & events, so here’s what’s on tap for this week, including for PADDY’S DAY:

Today(Mon 3/11): Bar hours 3-10pm, Kitchen 5-8pm

Tue 3/12: Bar hours 3-10pm

Wed 3/13: Bar 3-10pm, Kitchen 5-9pm

Thu 3/14: Bar 3-11pm, Kitchen 5-9pm

Fri 3/15: Bar 3pm-midnight, Kitchen 5-10pm

Sat 3/16: Bar 2-10pm, Kitchen 5-9pm

Sun 3/17: Paddy’s Day! Bar 11am-10pm, Kitchen 11am-8pm
For St. Pat’s, we’re bringing back our famous corned beef & cabbage, plus Johnny O’G’s Irish stew! We’ll be serving it starting at 11am Sunday until we run out. After the special of the day is sold out, we will offer our regular menu of burgers & sandwiches.

Again, thanks to all of you who have supported us, for now & always. Come on down & share a pint with us about the news!

BB Rovers — 12636 Research Blvd B101, Austin, TX 78759

BB Rovers, a beloved neighborhood bar & grill with a vast beer list, rotating taps, friendly staff (think “Cheers” — where everybody knows your name), good pub food, and the weathered scars of a place that has seen generations of kids grow up to become belly-up-to-the-bar customers, is closing its doors.

Above: Every inch of BB Rovers sparks the imagination, to say the least. A wrestling champ belt around a giant stein? A plastic dinosaur riding a plastic horse? A hobo clown with a tubing barbie? The African masks, the parrots, the flying pigs, old pics of the staff, and of course the seasonal decor…to put it bluntly, BB Rovers has seen some $hit.

I first heard this as a rumor in mid-December, but when driving by they still appeared to be open. So a few days after hearing the rumor, we went in (just before Christmas 2018).

The barkeep confirmed that the owners are trying to sell, and in the meantime, they were continuing to sell what beer and food they had left. Fast forward to the New Year, they’re still hanging on. They’re being run by a skeleton crew and the old menu is no longer.

They do still serve food, just, a couple things each day such as chili or a turkey sandwich with chips. Any given day the menu changes. The beer selection appears untouched. We go in every couple weeks to see what is happening, and the latest we learned was that the landlord is allowing them to keep running, but nobody is sure how long that will last.

If you have memories from BBs, be sure to get in there soon to say goodbye, as the doors could be shuttered for good any day now. Here are some photos of the many visits we’ve made to this old haunt for those looking to reminisce once the doors are closed permanently.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The neighborhood will miss you BB Rovers! We look forward to seeing what comes next in this huge, familiar, and storied space. It will be a fragile balance to keep the long-time customers coming and attract new customers seeking a more trendy, updated concept. I’m personally crossing my fingers that it stays mom & pop and doesn’t go to a chain. We like a divey and chill neighborhood place with good food and great beers!

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  1. Howard Gentry says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I’ve enjoyed BB on many occasions and will be very sorry to see them close. It was fun having a bar close enough to my house that I could walk home – just in case!


    1. Well, let’s hope the next place understands the neighborhood! Cheers Howard!


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