Bob’s Red Mill Store, PDX

Early in March of 2015 I went to Portland, Oregon to visit family. Enthusiastic to participate in my blog endeavors, they insisted Bob’s Red Mill should be on my itinerary. Who am I to argue? I’ve been using Bob’s Red Mill pancake and soup mixes, semolina and other flours, and lots of other grains and mixes for years. Bob’s Red Mill products seem to be everywhere I’ve lived from Colorado and California to New England, and Texas. I’m a big fan. So off we went.

The front of the retail Bob’s Red Mill in Portland, Oregon.
Rumor has it Bob (in the picture) hangs out at the store, and willingly poses for pictures if you catch him. He wasn’t around when I was there, but I’ll have to go back and try my luck again. Bob gave his company to his employees after all. He must be pretty awesome.
This is a view of the store from the second story loft area where there were tables set up. Because you can order food to eat there! Yummy soups and sandwiches, of course. Whole grain chips and fresh veggies. Even wine and beer. This place gets better and better.
If you could trade cows for magic beans, this would be the place to do it.
Every type of flour and grain you can think of. I bought pumpernickel and rye flour among others, because I want to try making both types of bread.
A cold turkey sandwich with whole grain chips and carrots.
Their French Dip measured up with the best of them. This was my lunch.
Spending time in the store is really easy. I could have spent hours. Everywhere you look is some helpful hint or free recipe. There are even giant cookies, loaves of bread, bulk goods, spices, and the nicest employees always in sight in case you’re overwhelmed, have a question, or just want to comment on the curious number of whole, nutritious ingredients everywhere you look.
We didn’t do the Mill Tour. But next time I go to see my family I will go. If I know in advance, I’ll happily announce here and on facebook ( so my Portland readers can join me! Sounds like a good opportunity to me!
Hello! Guess who already has a dream list in the works? I just have to get through all the amazing things I bought while there….watch for my blog post with all the plunder and what I did with it!

BobsMillStone01 BobsFacility BobSign BobsShipping01

Bob’s is right across the street from another super Portlandy destination: Dave’s Killer Bread. Next Travel Post will cover the crazy story of Dave and his killer breads (with the best names ever).

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