Herbs & Your Garden

The herbs I cook with the most grow in my garden. It saves money. They taste better, and I can harvest them fresh any time I want.

Tool Day: Grind

The Everything Grinder Today I’m just talking about one tool. One tool that does lots and lots of work. This is a grinder for dried spices, peppercorns, course salts and dried peppers. It is brilliant for making fresh spice blends or rubs, and when not in use, I fill it with my mixed peppercorns from…

Perpetual Bone Broth

I make bone broth just about every time we roast, grill or smoke meat with bones. Because, frankly it is pretty easy…and it helps use up miscellaneous carrots, celery, onions and so on. Plus, it is a perfect simmer for after dinner and before bedtime. I’ve been a fan of making my dollar and ingredients…

Herb & Spice Advice

Understand Herbs and Spices, and the power and magic they bring to cooking.