Make Pesto

Pesto makes a perfect sauce for pasta or vegetables, a lovely spread for sandwiches, and even a quick add-on to dips or marinades.

Herbs & Your Garden

The herbs I cook with the most grow in my garden. It saves money. They taste better, and I can harvest them fresh any time I want.

Tool Day: Bouquet Garni

I tried it out in my 7-day perpetual bone broth and I will use this likely hundreds of times.

In My Soup Pot

Stock: The first opportunity to build flavor for soup, chili, stew, rice, and more.

Make Mustard

Several years ago in one of those “pay-it-forward” things on facebook, a friend of mine sent me a jar of homemade mustard. It was awesome, and I decided I should learn to make it. Like many things we’re accustomed to buying, it isn’t that hard to make! Probably the biggest obstacle to going into your…

Herb & Spice Advice

Understand Herbs and Spices, and the power and magic they bring to cooking.