Thai-Style Creamy Coconut Sauce

This sauce is special. I always make at least a double batch because it actually freezes well (we tend to use it up faster than that, however) and it goes very well over rice or riced cauliflower, broccoli or as a base for a Thai-style soup if you add chicken, shrimp, lemongrass, red bell peppers,…

Herbs & Your Garden

The herbs I cook with the most grow in my garden. It saves money. They taste better, and I can harvest them fresh any time I want.

Melissa’s Tortilla Soup Photos

Melissa’s Tortilla Soup Photos! Enjoy photos of some of the results of the soup recipes in my brand new cookbook. These are actual photos from the M Delish Boutique test kitchen! The recipe for this soup is available in M Delish Boutique’s: The Soup Pot cookbook. Scroll down to see the pictures of Melissa’s Tortilla Soup. Available for…

Deviled Eggs

Happy Easter! These are the deviled eggs I made today with our boiled eggs. I added adobo sauce, cumin, low-fat mayo, mustard powder, chopped spicy pickles, chili powder and a sprig of cilantro.