Sherry Mushroom Sauce

This simple, rich sauce features the marriage of cream, sherry and mushrooms. Feel free to make it thinner or use it as a base for something more gravy-like. It is delicious over a nice steak or chicken, but just as delicious for dipping with some good crusty bread. If you cook it down and puree…

Mom’s Egg Noodles

Happy 80th Birthday Dad! The following recipe is (entirely unedited) from my dad’s mom. I am publishing it for my dad’s 80th birthday and spoiler alert, when he visits in a couple of days he may or may not be having these along with his favorite birthday dinner she made for him as a kid,…

Tartar Sauce

This is a delightful brightly season version of tartar sauce, perfect for fish & chips, or any seafood. I also love it for dipping fries (chips) or tots. Be sure to serve alongside hot sauce such as Tapatio or Cholula, and fresh lemon wedges so everyone can get the flavor they like best. Ingredients 1…

Maple Pumpkin Pie

Use maple syrup in place of sugar in this delightful pumpkin pie recipe, and make it an eye popper with my tips.

Simple Marinara

A simple, five ingredient marinara that honors the flavor of tomatoes. This is a perfect recipe for harvesting homegrown tomotoes.