Herbed Vegetarian Gravy Recipe

A few years ago I hosted vegetarians for Thanksgiving, and I considered it a delightful challenge to serve veggie Gravy. Everyone preferred it over the turkey gravy. This gravy gets beautiful flavor from fresh herbs (dried works in a pinch) and good vegetable stock. Build out the gravy texture early with shallots, butter and flour,…

Mom’s Egg Noodles

Happy 80th Birthday Dad! The following recipe is (entirely unedited) from my dad’s mom. I am publishing it for my dad’s 80th birthday and spoiler alert, when he visits in a couple of days he may or may not be having these along with his favorite birthday dinner she made for him as a kid,…

Vegan Pantry Staples

As a chef and nutritionist with multiple specialties including vegan diets, I thought it might be helpful to share some great basics about a healthy vegan diet. Transitioning to a vegan diet often proves to be the obstacle that keeps people from deciding to do it, or from succeeding when they do try. That got…

Fiesta Yellow Rice

Pretty yellow rice with a flavorful , colorful medley of corn and peppers.

Make Cilantro Oil

Cilantro about to go south in the fridge? Here’s a simple way to give it new life.

Pico de Gallo

Simple, fresh, and forgiving enough for oh, say, a pandemic.