Creamy Garlic & Cheddar Grits

Great for brunches, this decadent side dish never fails. I guarantee someone will ask you for this recipe when they try these cheesy grits!

Seven Seas Casserole

A classic casserole, this makes for an easy and quick weeknight dinner for the family.

King’s Ranch Chicken Casserole

Originally made as a chicken dish on King Ranch (the largest ranch in the US, in Texas), this has evolved into a beloved casserole.

Hollandaise Sauce

A simple sauce everyone should master. Enjoy on a variety of foods such as eggs, asparagus, or even fresh tomatoes.

Sherry Mushroom Sauce

This simple, rich sauce features the marriage of cream, sherry and mushrooms. Feel free to make it thinner or use it as a base for something more gravy-like. It is delicious over a nice steak or chicken, but just as delicious for dipping with some good crusty bread. If you cook it down and puree…

Mom’s Egg Noodles

Happy 80th Birthday Dad! The following recipe is (entirely unedited) from my dad’s mom. I am publishing it for my dad’s 80th birthday and spoiler alert, when he visits in a couple of days he may or may not be having these along with his favorite birthday dinner she made for him as a kid,…