Ten Kitchen Tools I Love

I’m a believer in having the right tools on-hand for whatever you’re doing, whether it is cooking, baking, or cleaning up. Firstly, it makes things easier, but more importantly, there is just more fun to be had in the kitchen if you’re not struggling along the way. Here’s a little list of ten things I’m…

Nutritionist Consultation Introductory Rate

Would you like to talk to a nutritionist (and chef) and learn about your options for reaching your goals with health and fitness? For $50 I will provide an initial consultation plus a one week follow-up regarding goal-setting, diet, and lifestyle tweaks to get you started on the right path for nutrition. Please email me…

Survival & Cooking

Lessons for food survival from the lean times. Or: Broke Food is Survival Food

Pro-Tip: Loaf Pan Lasagna

If you’re cooking for two, or just need a little help with freezer space ideas, here’s a little tip. When making lasagna or other casserole dishes, consider loaf pans. These little gems are exactly the right width for a lasagna noodle, and one pan is great for those who live alone, couples or smaller families….