Stock Up

Ten Unexpected Ways to Use Stock

Tool Day: Bouquet Garni

I tried it out in my 7-day perpetual bone broth and I will use this likely hundreds of times.

Recipe Test Pics

Update 6/1/16 “One Dish Wonders” by Melissa Machowski of M Delish Boutique is now available for sale here!


Last night I tested the final draft of the Paella recipe for my next cookbook,  “One Dish Wonders”. The results were worthy of sending to my recipe testers! Here are a few photos of my Paella recipe test results : Pre-orders of “One Dish Wonders” available now! Here are some recipe test photos:

In My Soup Pot

Stock: The first opportunity to build flavor for soup, chili, stew, rice, and more.

Snap Cook: French Onion Soup

Easy French Onion Soup. Snapshots of this recipe (available in “The Soup Pot” HERE) as demonstrated in my home kitchen. Easy and delicious!  

Available On Amazon

You can now purchase and review “The Soup Pot” cookbook by M Delish Boutique on here! This step in the self-publishing process puts M Delish Boutique’s cookbooks in front of millions of customers, which is incredibly exciting. I hope that those of you who have purchased the book will consider writing a review to…