It is Hatch chili season because the peppers dictate that it is now. Which is usually right around this time of year, but it can vary.

I learned recently that one of my good friends from highschool, Tom Sluzalis, has entered the ring with selling hot sauce. Made with Hatch peppers.

I’m from Colorado (as is he), and so I was intrigued by what he’d do to make his sauce worthy of mention.

I’m no stranger to hot sauce, and so I seek something more than just competitive burn type stuff. I’m not interested in that. I want dimension.

Don’t get me wrong, this sauce has the heat. Which is right in the name. On the plus side, it starts with a bit more than that.

It wins my heart with my Hatch obsession. Hatch peppers aren’t overshadowed by other ingredients meant to bring consistent heat. I find that to be a delicate balance to strike when I make anything to flatter the perfection of the Hatch flavors.

We sampled it on my first master batch of Hatch Green Chili of the year. I’m smitten.

It is a lovely flavorful heat that gives you some nice texture up front (a little gravy-like), and then the burn follows you around while you run away from it. But not like a stalker. More like me chasing my toddler around for a hug.

Or just…a sip of a margarita or some queso to calm it back down before the next bite.

I don’t write many reviews here, but I really want this to be shared because I believe my readers who like hot sauce will like it.

To be fair he is my friend and from my hometown. So take it for what you wish. It is really good. It is really hot.

Get it here.

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