Apples to Apples, Sawdust to Dust

Today we planted a Gravenstien Apple Tree in our yard in honor of Sawdust Romeo, world’s best Black Lab. He passed in September of 2020. You can read my original post about that here, if you want to ugly cry.

Today brought the opportunity to remember him after a few seasons without him. A beautiful Pacific Northwest Saturday with mixed sun and clouds. Wolfie, Pixie, Mike and I shared the experience, along with memories about his storied dog life. And what a life it was.

We shared memories all morning while we got ready for the planting of the tree. Then we stood at his apple tree spot and shared more. Loosely we followed our notes. We cried and laughed. We gave him his eternal cookies, added him to the soil, and sent him to his next place in the shade of an apple tree.

Sawdust, you kept me in the moment when I needed it. You showed me how emotionally wise a dog can be, how intelligent and empathetic we should all strive to be, and you healed many wounds in my heart and mind. I am forever grateful to have been your mom. You are woven into my soul. Thank you, my sweetest boy.

Photos in reverse just in case time flips over and he would possibly come back for one more snuggle.

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