Culinary Hot Tips for Drunkfolk

This list easily also works for college students (or anyone on a super tight budget), or just to make you laugh. Hot tip: drink a lot of water with any of these options, especially if you did just have a few drinks. Being hydrated makes the morning a little less filled with regret.

Ramen Quesadillas

Serves two: You heard that right! Basically you’ll need two large flour tortillas or wraps, cooked ramen noodles (not the broth, save that for a side dish), and cheese. Melt the cheese on the tortillas while you make your ramen. Then add the ramen to the tortillas and thank me later!

Add Stuff Ramen Noodles or Mac & Cheese or Rice

Drop an egg in while the noodles cook. Add cream cheese. Add leftovers (you’re drunk, take advantage of not being picky!). Everything spice blend on top for the win, or see my other spice ideas at the end of this post.

Tricked-Out Party Pizza

My long-time readers will already know that although I am very food adventurous, I love a good old Party Pizza. I’ll refer you to this prior post for all the good stuff on that, plus how to trick out your pizza rolls. Stay classy!


Settle in for this one. It is a harrowing tale.

Brought to you by my life-long friend who spotted and sent me this sign for a cheese sale. Back in college we would stop at the convenience store and grab atrociously unhealthy snacks and go back to one of our houses to dive in. She used to get a microwaved (at the store) bean and cheese burrito and then head over to the nacho cheese station and fill the bag with the burrito in it the rest of the way with the nacho cheese. But wait….there’s more. She would also get a bag of Cheetos and at home she would shove Cheetos into the burritos. It really was something to behold. It would all work out in the morning when she’d go to her Pizza job and drink a giant fountain drink. Somehow we were all thin back then, I suppose because we walked everywhere and lived on coffee most of the day. Thanks Heather! You’re famous!

Prepper Pre-Party

If you’ve got some time before you’re off to the races, get some things ready such as a spice blend for your ramen or other fairly unhealthy guilty pleasure snacks (see above). Make everything seasoning or a mix of pepper, chili powder, garlic powder (adjust to whatever you think you’ll be making). Cut up some fresh vegetables to throw in your dishes or dip into salsa or guacamole if you’ve got any. Boil some pasta and toss in olive oil and butter, add Parmesan cheese. Later you can just reheat it, season to taste and avoid the higher sodium of the above options. Carbs and lots of water with a few fresh veggies! Trust.

I’d love to hear what insane things others make after having some drinks. Fast food is obvious, but I’m looking for what you’ve pulled out of the fridge and pantry and come up with on the fly. Good or bad. I hope you found my post amusing. Cheers!

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