Aperitif: Liqueur Float

A totally aperitif, this will be a lovely treat that will impress guests or simply add a bit of effortless decadence to your day. Suggested pairings of liqueurs and ice cream after the (very simple) recipe.


  • Liqueur
  • Ice cream
  • Soda water


  1. Place a spoonful of ice cream in the bottom of an aperitif glass (or champagne flute)
  2. Add a good splash of liqueur
  3. Top with club soda or bubbly water of your choice

As usual, I say make this yours! Test with ratios and flavors of your own.

Suggested Pairings (Ice Cream and Liqueur)

  • Vanilla Ice Cream with fruit, coffee, chocolate or coffee liqueurs.
  • Chocolate Ice Cream with Kahlua, brandy, Amaretto or berry liqueurs.
  • Coffee Ice Cream with Kahlua or Chocolate liqueur.
  • Sorbet with fruit liqueur.

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