Tacobout Tacos

I just spent some “new mom” brain activity (which is a combo of sleep-deprived, distracted, submerged, busy, and whatever nebulous cloud that is) on being really grateful for the new taco holders that I gave my husband for Christmas.

These are the ones I’m going on about for those who, like me, don’t really care as much about the blogger’s self-indulgent meandering prose as much as the recipe or the thingy and how to get it. Yes, I’m a food blogger and I just said that. If I’m there for a recipe give me the recipe!

But if you’re indulging me, I’ve used taco holders before and I appreciate the concept, even if I am decidedly self-conscious about what that might say about me. But okay…if I push that aside, these taco holders are simple, functional, and spartan in form and function.

Is it possible taco holders are a middle-aged lady’s “cool”? Apparently yes.

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