A Fond Christmas Shopping Memory

I shared this memory on my Facebook wall the other night, and realized that, by the response, it is worth sharing here with you.

“As I sit in the Safeway parking lot awaiting my groceries to be placed safely in my car, I’m reminded of one of my favorite holiday shopping experiences in Austin Texas at HEB off of 183 & Spicewood Springs Blvd. My mom and I went in for a few baking items and some champagne. We also had a taste of some champagne in-store. Good idea! As we entered the baking aisle, it was clear we’d have to endure the crowd. Behind our cart was a dad with his toddler daughter. He was singing his real-time experience to her to keep her entertained. He sang to her about me being in the way as I picked out flour or sugar or whatever. By some streak of luck, I sang back and was able to rhyme his lyrics. He then sang back and so on until he had passed by. The rest of the people in the aisle ( including my mom) just stared, awestruck. I wish I could remember the lines of our song. But either way, we had a real-time improv break into song mini musical. It was magical.”

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