Pizza Night Recipe Challenge!

Due to the success of Taco Night here on M Delish Boutique, along with the fun had by all who contributed (and even partied together virtually), I’m adding a new recipe challenge: Pizza Night!

If you need some pizza making supplies, be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for my recommendations.

Sauce, crust, topping combos, side dishes, appetizers, cocktails, desserts…all things pizza night. Send me your recipes! And if you have a blog, send me your links! Photos of your food and cooking are also greatly appreciated. Send all contributions to

I’ll plan to publish the entire section of this blog at the end of January 2021 so everyone can dream up your contributions through the holidays and after the first of the year.

Here’s a teaser recipe for my favorite crispy thin crust just to get us started.

Here are a few items you might want to have on-hand for your pizza night!

Note: If you purchase the items above using my links, I will earn a small commission, which helps support M Delish Boutique!

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  1. Love this! We buy pizza dough from a local Italian market in metro Detroit (shout out to Cantoro’s!) and make pizza with my 4 year old at least monthly! It’s so much easier when the dough is perfect and ready to just be tossed and put on the stone! – Kelz


    1. So do you love Detroit-style pizza? Seems that it is having a moment!


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