Quarantine Recipe & Tips Round-up

First up, the photos. After that, all the links to how you can make these things too.

  • Dalgona Coffee – Remember back in the dawn of the quarantine when quarantrends (my own word) were new? Yeah, I’m talking about the Tiger King Era. Well, Dalgona Coffee became a rage. My two cents on why: couldn’t be easier to make. Probably everyone had everything on-hand, save maybe instant coffee (which was not one of those hoarding items), and it looks and tastes great. When these harrowing days are behind us, I look forward to serving it as a brunch cocktail with a little Irish twist or maybe some liqueur.
  • Sourdough Journal – So this link will take you to my ongoing sourdough bread saga. I held out for weeks after everyone was jumping on board. But then my husband got on said board. And then he abandoned his starter and I couldn’t allow it to die. So now I’m in an ever-frenzied loop of finding things to do with sourdough starter. The journal also covers a nail-biting shortage of flour I endured. Fasten your seatbelts.
  • Sourdough Grissini – My absolute favorite way to use up that sourdough discard. These are Italian breadsticks originating in Northwest Italy. Thin, crispy, versatile (season how you like) and they’re so cool looking. All that and a batch never lasts longer than 48 hours at my house. I arrange them in the center of my table like a vase of flowers. Rustic and elegant.
  • Taco Night Recipe Round-up – This isn’t a wide-spread trend, but I was sparked to write up this round-up for those experiencing cooking fatigue. I created a virtual party where several of my friends and I got together on Zoom and shared our Taco Night together. Several other food writers, chefs, and my co-host Toulon contributed recipes. This was epic, and the recipe round-up has something for everyone.

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  1. I plan to do some foccacia art this week!


    1. It’s so easy and yet so impressive!


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