Grandpa’s Kitchen Theatre

Today someone posted about the common practice of throwing away the first pancake. It reminded me of when my grandfather used to make “Swedish Crepes” (he was Swedish), and he always made a big show of throwing out the first one for not being thin enough. He would hold it up to the window and if sunlight didn’t come through it he would act very disgusted and toss it to the dog. Part theatre, part wanting to give the dog a treat, and part family tradition. My brother and I loved to watch him make ANYTHING. There was always comedy in it, as he acted like a curmudgeon or very fancy or whatever combo.

Another one was when he made his 7 and 7 cocktails he would fill the glass with ice, pour whiskey almost to the top (in that way where you pull the bottle away and then back and the liquid kind of curves into the glass), and then splash a teeeeeensy bit of 7-up in. He would then say “ah, too much” and shake his head. We didn’t really know what alcohol was but still enjoyed it. As I got older it became funny realizing he barely used a mixer and was making a joke of that.

He also showed us how to line our peas up on our knives to eat instead of a fork. Of course, this meant the peas rolled off everywhere and we didn’t have to eat them. It drove my mom crazy (or maybe she loved it), and then at some point, we learned that he did this with her too, and it drove my grandma crazy.

My grandpa made amazing Swedish meatballs, “mint ice-cream dessert”, he loved dry salami, and he always made cocktails at 5 pm. He traveled with his “medicine chest”, which was really a carry on suitcase thing that held all of his cocktail fixings. He was magical. I miss him, and today it was so fun to think of all of those memories just from the mention of a discarded pancake.

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