Nutritionist Consultation Introductory Rate

Would you like to talk to a nutritionist (and chef) and learn about your options for reaching your goals with health and fitness?

For $50 I will provide an initial consultation plus a one week follow-up regarding goal-setting, diet, and lifestyle tweaks to get you started on the right path for nutrition.

Please email me at to get started. I’ll send you an interview to learn about your habits and goals, and then we’ll set up a phone or instant messaging consultation. I’ll follow that up with a one week meal plan with recipes. At our follow up visit, we can discuss what worked or didn’t work and I’ll suggest options to keep you on track.

Your one week sample plan will be designed around reaching goals we identify together, and that fit your life. I’ll also provide resources for tracking your diet and exercise, and a once-daily message with encouragement and a “did you know…” bit of info about healthy nutrition and how to make small changes to reach big goals.

I can help with weight loss, converting to and from different diets (vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc), and I am passionate about helping people learn to enjoy cooking as a part of their daily life.

Should you like working with me, I will continue to support your nutrition goals at a discounted rate for up to three months.

I welcome all questions about what a nutritionist can do for you!

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