Happy Pi Day! Food Movie Round-up

It is March 13, aka almost 3.14 aka Pi. So today I’m making a pot pie for tomorrow’s dinner.

It is also 3.14.20 which translates loosely into day eleven of my self-imposed isolation from public places that aren’t nature (see Coronavirus). So I’ve been watching food-related movies all week and I got lots of great suggestions that I thought I’d share with you in case you too are spending copious amounts of time at home during the Covid 19 social distancing and quarantining that is going on at this time.

The criteria for this list: movies that are centered around food in some way or have a significant food-related scene or reference. I have not watched all of these movies, and I collected this list with the help of my Facebook friends and family. Note that all links will take you to IMDB listings.

A fun side note along this theme is that the house in Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now a restaurant!

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