A Way To Support Food Workers

If you haven’t heard of Big Table, now is the time. So many food workers are or will become financially stressed or even devastated during this time of potential pandemic.

I’ve been observing a lot of discussions on social media about how people can help these restauranteurs and industry workers. There may be many other ideas out there, and I would be happy to add them to this post if you comment here, but I wanted to share Big Table for those who need the information whether you need the help, or would like to help.

Here’s an idea that they suggest that anyone anywhere can do:

unexpected 20s

This is a great place for individuals and small groups to start partnering with Big Table. Big Table provides small “tip envelopes” that you fill with $20 bills and give out when in a restaurant or hotel. Simple and amazingly effective. Look for one person working in a restaurant or hotel invisible to others, or one that is having a bad day. It very well could be someone in the kitchen or behind the scenes. Then give them the Unexpected 20 envelope with a $20 bill inside. Tell them it is simply a gift for them…no strings attached. This is not payment or a tip, it is a gift. After the Unexpected 20 is delivered email us with a story of what you noticed or felt at stories@big-table.com. “

From the Big Table homepage:

“care for the working poor

Our industry – the restaurant and hospitality industry – is full of amazing and gifted people and hires people no other industry will.  More of the WORKING POOR work in this industry than any other place in the nation.  Caring for them means caring for people who are already doing all they can on their own and still not making it

1 in 6 restaurant workers are below the official poverty line – DOUBLE any other working population

43% make less than economists say is needed just to make ends meet”