Wash Your Hands. Preach!

As we face this Coronavirus pandemic, I would like to take the opportunity to share the CDC’s instructions for washing hands.

I’m a licensed food handler in Texas and Washington states, which means I’ve learned all about bacteria, food-borne illnesses, and cross-contamination for my own reasons. I’ve also had severe food poisoning (Salmonella) twice due to food-handling negligence. So let’s just say I have a passion for this hand-washing thing

As much as it pains me that we are facing a global pandemic, I am internally delighted at the education that is spreading along with it.

Please share this information with everyone you can. Practice it. Teach it to kids. Be respectful and responsible even if you’re low-risk. People with immune deficiencies need ALL OF US to do the right things and help keep the spread of disease to a minimum.

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