Fall Holiday Recipe Challenge

Many of you participated in my first recipe challenge for Savory Pumpkin/Squash Recipes. You can check out the round-up of those recipes here.

This time around let’s share recipes for Halloween and/or Thanksgiving festivities. Get creative! What’s the best dish for pre or post-trick-or-treating? What kind of crazy dish could we bring to a Halloween party? Maybe even just go with seasonal harvest inspiration, old favorites for Thanksgiving, or maybe regional twists on the classic dishes we grew up with. You pick out whatever inspiration works for you, email it to mdelishboutique@gmail.com with a photo and a little description of something about your recipe. I’ll gather them all (and write some of my own) and post them to help us all get some delish stuff on the table this year and in the future.

The Rules:

  1. Please make your recipe original, or provide the link or cookbook credit if you are sharing a recipe you didn’t write.
  2. Include at least one photo with your post. If you’re an artist, feel free to illustrate instead.
  3. Include at least one sentence telling us something about your recipe such as “I grew up with this dish” or “My son is a vegetarian, so this is what I make for him to eat at Thanksgiving dinner” or whatever else will help us understand the meaning of the dish to your holidays.
  4. Submit your recipe, photo and brief description to mdelishboutique@gmail.com by October 30 (for Halloween recipes) and by November 15 (for Thanksgiving recipes).

You may submit recipes for appetizers, desserts, main dishes, side dishes, beverages, cocktails, and even crafts that involve food are ok (shrunken apple head dolls, for instance).

Be sure to check out my tips for having a great Thanksgiving here.

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