Mega Gingerbread House Project, Part 5: The Final Product. Plus Demolition.

If you’ve ever fantasized about being in charge of a demolition project, we need your input.

Even as Lindsey baked her 5th double batch of construction gingerbread, the conversation drifted to what fate the wonderous estate replica would one-day meet…explosives? Or perhaps a stomping by Godzilla, being hit by a bus? Dropped from a rooftop? You can weigh in (in the comments) with your demolition ideas, all of which will be considered and appreciated.

If you need a refresher course click here to learn about this Giant Gingerbread House.

But first: Have a gander at her majesty upon public unveiling!


Notably, in the early phases of this project, our creator mentioned shellacking and storing the baked replica of her home (she put in over 65 hours, not to mention the countless hours logged conceiving and conceptualizing the masterpiece).

Alas, I cringe at the temporary nature of an edible showpiece of this scale when I consider the vision that led to this little perfect tree, let alone the project at-large. It brings back childhood salivation over all things candy. How can one imagine NOT eating this?


And then someone mentions explosives, 70’s car chase scenes, Godzilla smashing, physics in general and now I’m all over watching the demolition and final act of Canem Manerium Caudata (the big-ass gingerbread house).

So may this blog post properly eulogize and honor the home, the project, and the showpiece of #gingerbreadbutcher.

Watch the hashtag #gingerbreadbutcher on your social media of choice to follow development s on the demise of the estate.

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