New Orleans Culinary Adventure

French Quarter Culinary History and Tasting Tour

Time to share some of the very best food, drink, jazz and fun while visiting The French Quarter and beyond) in New Orleans. Enjoy my picks for a first, second, or third visit to NOLA.

Some of these spots are on the culinary tour we took in 2017, which is a lovely way to be introduced or re-introduced to the French Quarter. Part history lesson, part cocktail tour, and part tasting, we walked all over the city and even got to see some behind-the-scenes views of the restaurants on the tour. Scroll to the bottom of this post to find the link to the very same tour we took.


Royal House (ADDRESS/LINK)

This beautiful spot on Royal Street !!! not only offers a gorgeous menu selection, but an open-air long bar with plenty of seating, sights and the presentation of the food is incredible. We go for some portion of time pretty much every day, even if just for a cocktail and the mellow vibe. Our first trip, we were there at midnight and witnessed a wedding jazz procession coming down the street. You just can’t beat the French Quarter for round-the-clock fun.


My PicksFresh Crab Claws sauteed in a lemon, garlic and butter sauce with toasted French Bread for dipping, Marinated Alligator served with cocktail and tartar sauce, French Onion Soup, Blackened Redfish.

The Carousel Bar & Lounge

The Carousel Bar and Lounge


Visit any time of the day or night, and behold this historical, and majestic work of art that is a bar! In the bottom floor of the gorgeous Hotel Monteleone, this bar rotates as you swill your cocktail. In true French Quarter fashion, the artwork cannot be overstated, but don’t fret, you won’t get dizzy. Southern style is on your side. The molasses twirl of the carousel makes it easy to step on and off, no matter how many days and nights you’ve been enjoying your stay (although I bet somebody has proven me wrong on that).

Leah’s Pralines


Look closely at the details in the French Quarter. You cannot get away from the art everywhere you look. When I travel, I try to gather photos of the small details and create collages to highlight the look and feel of a place. NOLA made this easy.


Click here for the culinary tour we took in 2017. As I publish this post, the deal is still available on Groupon. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the culinary tours, so I can personally vouch for this particular tour, and all of the amazing food we tasted.

  • Oysters and a good IPA – Felix’s Oyster Bar
  • Shrimp and grits Luke Restaurant
  • Oysters du jour and blackened alligator Felix’s Oyster Bar
  • Barbecue shrimp and Bourbon Pecan pie Oceana Grill,
  • NOLA brunch Ruby Slipper Cafe

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