Mega Gingerbread House Project, Part 4: Last Photos Before The Unveiling

Before the Application of the Metric Ton of Candy, This Happened: In Photos

Here’s the progression of the house from the beginning, and up-to-the-minute before the grand unveiling of Canem Manarium Caudata. From this post on, there will be radio silence from #gingerbreadbutcher until New Year’s Eve 2018/19. GingerbreadBluePrintPlusCutOutIMG_20181217_213251

Foamcore Modelgingerbreadfoamcore00fb_img_1543045641886

Baking Station


Baked Elements


Stacked, Stored.


Early Structure, Footprint.


Adding Roof Pieces


Structural Detail


Roof Completed, Landscaping Begun


Landscaping Decor & Lighting






Join in on social media December 31, 2018, to see the fully decorated house, along with real reactions of Lindsey’s guests seeing the house at her New Year’s Eve party.

Watch #gingerbreadbutcher for the debut of the completed masterpiece on New Year’s Eve.

And now’s the time to daydream about what happens to a beloved candy estate when the holidays are over. Stay tuned for more on that (pssst…it might involve dynamite or hotrods or something you suggest in the comments).

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