Mega Gingerbread House Project, Part 3: The Canine President & Duchess Of The Gingerbread Estate

Queue the trumpet sounds!

Presenting President Jimmy Carter and Duchess Fiona von Woofington of Canem Manerium Caudata

(which, in Latin means “The House of dogs with no tails”)

These two royal canines collectively have exactly zero tails, but alas, they have many many tales. Let’s get to know them.


You may recognize Fiona from her burgeoning career as a political activist. Fiona was thrilled to move to a state where her vote would truly count, so she became a campaign boss, and she didn’t disappoint. In her youth, weeks ago, she campaigned for Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke in the 2018 mid-term election.


Emblazoned with a freshly-shorn Beto O’Rourke campaign bill upon her biggest available real estate, she took social media by storm. She attended a Beto rally, and rocked some face time with Beto himself! Even Hillary Clinton took note, retweeting the Beto O’Rourke twitter post featuring The Duchess Fiona.



But wait, if you’re more red-leaning, canine diplomacy wins again. Duchess Fiona knows how to reach across the aisle to remind us all that even with very short legs, it is possible. Pictured here, Fiona is warming the heart of a Ted Cruz supporter who was protesting at the Beto rally.


Jimmy Carter, in his own political wisdom, wishes to allow his name to speak for itself, and just have you throw the ball again and again and again, please. Either one of them.


No matter your political viewpoint, you cannot argue that these dogs have passion, and thus became the namesake of the home and the giant gingerbread house.


Fiona and Jimmy Carter wish to pass along that although the gingerbread in the house is meant more for show than taste, the scraps really are quite satisfactory for everyday cookie consumption.





Be sure to follow the hashtag on your social media of choice for more on the Mega Gingerbread House. #gingerbreadbutcher

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