Savory Pumpkin Recipe Challenge

Last week my brain announced to me that I need to figure out a recipe for some kind of savory version of a pumpkin pie. So far I’ve not figured out my recipe, but when I mentioned it on Facebook, several of my culinary whiz kid friends got excited about this idea. I decided it would be fun to challenge us all to come up with some kind of savory pumpkin recipe (food or drink), and then I can share results here on the blog. Who’s with me?


If you’re interested, here’s the challenge:

  1. Write an original recipe (you can use other recipes for inspiration or proportions, but don’t steal a recipe please). If you are making a drink of some kind, you can use pumpkin or squash as inspiration or garnish, etc.
  2. Test the recipe. If it is a winner, move to #3. If it is not, tweak or start over…that is what recipe writing is all about!
  3. Take a few photos. Photos can be ingredients, the process of cooking, and/or finished and plated results.
  4. Email your recipe and photos to and let me know if you want your name shared. If you have a food or cooking blog, I’m happy to include a link.
  5. You’re already a winner! This isn’t a contest, just a challenge for those who love to create and to inspire some yummy Fall recipes!
The guidelines:
  • Use pumpkin (can be from a fresh pumpkin and/or canned pumpkin) OR squash
  • Make any kind of savory dish (pie, soup, lasagna, pizza, whatever you dream up!)
  • Send photos and recipes by November 15, 2018, so that I can post a round-up from all challengers before Thanksgiving.
  • Have fun!

That’s it! As many of you know, there is a savory pumpkin soup in my first cookbook “The Soup Pot” and I will share the recipe from that book when I post the results of the challenge.

BigOrangePumpkin02I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up with, and I’ll update this post with a link to the results once they’re posted.

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