New Dumpling Restaurant Northwest Austin

img_20180830_184628_6601044421505.jpgMeet Humphrey and May, owners of the new “Fat Dragon” Dumpling and Ramen joint in NW Austin.img_20180830_192409_4191433084933.jpg

Fat Dragon opened a few weeks back this Summer and is easily going to become a neighborhood staple for Northwest Austin, as well as a destination for many miles around for dumplings. Pictured below: Lemongrass Chicken Soup Dumplings. Yes! Soup dumplings…and four types every single day. One on the regular menu, and three special types every day. Humphrey and I chatted about the dumplings and I am confident that they’re not taking the dumpling game lightly. They’re planning to introduce vegan/vegetarian ones soon, as well as “Chrystal Dumplings” which are made with a tapioca-based shell that is magically translucent. The dumplings are made in-house, and that alone should beckon you.20180830_190210977734297.jpgThe menu is not limited to dumplings (although, I could live with that based just upon what we tried tonight), but it also heavily features gorgeous ramens and other noodle-based dishes. We tried the Korean Udon. It was spicy, with pork, and had a very nice sauce that was refreshingly light. 20180830_185604945980882.jpg

Noticing those ribs, are you? Those are the Dragon Ribs. Fall off the bone, savory and slow cooked deliciousness. One order had three ribs. So for rib-lovers, you’ll want your own plate or to order multiples for the table. Phenomenal flavor and texture, these need to get in your mouth.20180830_185557221008487.jpgOur table neighbors tried a few dishes that they raved about as well. The General Tso’s Chicken and Garlic Shrimp. It was also their first time in, and they’re already planning a trip back next week. When they learned about the dumplings through our chat with Humphrey, they couldn’t wait to tell friends who live in the area (and to order them next week).20180830_185559892002703.jpgI’ll keep adding photos of what we try as we explore the menu over the coming months. I’m thrilled to add this place to my list of go-to’s. Thanks to Fat Dragon! Welcome to the neighborhood!

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