Great Kitchen Projects for Kids

One of my objectives here at M Delish Boutique is to bring people to the kitchen who might not LOVE the kitchen, and make it fun to learn how things can be made from scratch rather than buying processed food at the grocery store. My lifelong love of cooking and sharing the kitchen began when I was a child. So here are a few things kids (and adults too, of course) might enjoy making.

Make Mustard – Surprisingly easy, this project is also fun and flexible. Great for gifting!Mustard

Make Your Own Taco Seasoning – Stop using packets! Mix up your own taco seasoning just the way you like it, save it in a big batch and use it for multiple batches of tacos.20170626_181308

Make Butter and Buttermilk – This is a bit of a workout, and perfect for those who like buttermilk pancakes (with fresh as can be butter). You need only ONE ingredient!ButterMilkSetup

Make Pesto Sauce – Simple and delicious. If you’ve grown your own herbs, even better!20160410_152933.jpg

Make Hummus – Another very flexible recipe where you can add whatever you like such as garlic, peppers, even some of your pesto sauce (above).hummus

Pickle Vegetables and Make Pickles – Overnight pickling is fun and easy. Also known as refrigerator pickling, you can eat these the next day!PicklingCowboyFull

The more you know how to do these things from scratch, the more fun you’ll have in the kitchen.


If you’re feeling extra adventurous, see if you can get an adult to help you learn to make cheese. The only thing hard about it pertains to the constant stirring. You’ll want a partner to keep everything moving while you stir, or to keep stirring while you get bowls ready, and so on. Once you start the process, there is no stopping. But in the end CHEESE!



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  1. These are great ideas – quick pickling veggies is one of my favorites!


    1. My husband goes through them so fast. I tend to make a lot at once.


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