Answer My Eight Question Survey About Meal Kits for Home Cooks

Click Here to go straight to the survey! 

I’m working on an article about Meal Kit Services. You know, like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and the seemingly endless new versions of them that are starting to almost clutter the market and leave one confused as to which one is best for them. They’ve been listening to their customers, and the variety is becoming niche for anything from dietary restrictions & preferences, to local, to sustainable, organic, inexpensive, kid-friendly, and well…you name it!

As you can imagine there is a mountain of information to sort through, and I have not tested all of the services I wish to write about, so I’m asking you for a minute of your time.

Click Here and answer an eight question survey. You can choose to remain anonymous, or fill out your name and email in case I have a follow-up question to ask you about your response. I will not spam you or add you to any mailing lists. I personally don’t like that, so I’m not going to do it to you! Thanks in advance for helping me tailor this blog to those who read it!

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