Summertime Recipe Round Up

Well, here in Austin it is raining, but that isn’t stopping us from smoking a good old Texas brisket today, which just happens to be Independence Day in the US. I got to thinking about summertime cooking in general and thought I should round up some recipes that are great for summer.

I asked some of my food blogging colleagues to contribute, so while most of the recipes here were written by me, I’ve included some great recipes by some of my favorite local food bloggers. I hope these recipes inspire some summer cooking, grilling, and of course, meals shared with friends and family. Click on the photos to get to the recipes!

Appetizers & Condiments

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops


Most folks will agree that adding bacon to anything makes it better. Trust!

Easy Versatile Hummus


With just a few ingredients you can make your own hummus in minutes. Start with the basic, and then get adventurous!

Overnight Pickles


This is a great project for anyone who loves pickles…and easy enough for kids to help or do themselves.

Homemade Mustard


Easier than you would think, making mustard is also a fun way to experiment in the kitchen.

Main Dishes, Marinades

Mediterranean Salmon


Tired of your usual salmon game? This recipe is fresh, tasty and off the beaten path.

Martini Steaks


Martinis are awesome. Steak is awesome. So there you go.

Three Marinades


Use these three simple marinades for pork, beef, chicken, tofu, or vegetables.

Side Dishes

Roasted Red Potatoes


Less is more! Simple and great roasted potatoes go with EVERYTHING!

Sweet Sesame Green Beans (Guest Contribution)


These sweet sesame green beans come together in about 15 minutes. They are a tasty, easy addition to any weeknight meal.

Potato Salad Two Ways

Looking for a traditional potato salad recipe that has balanced flavors? Gotcha covered. Looking for a way to have both potato salad and a loaded baked potato all at once? You’ve come to the right place.

Summer Peach Panzanella (Guest Contribution)


Grilled Mediterranean Zucchini (Guest Contribution)


Nail your summertime menu with this recipe for Grilled Mediterranean Zucchini starring an herbed salt with fresh basil, oregano & lemon then finished with goat cheese crumbles.

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

chickpeasalad02 (1)

Fresh and light! This goes especially well with seafood.

All-In-One Meals

Sausage & Veggie Packets


Perfect for the grill or campfire!

Fish Tacos


This is one of the first recipes I actually wrote down! Perfect fish tacos are an artform, and I believe I’ve nailed it.

Fajita Veggie Bowls (Guest Contribution)


Vegetarian, delicious, and healthy.

Shrimp Ceviche Tostadas

tostada04 (1)

These are great year-round, but in the Summer everything is so fresh!


Lemonade Pie (Guest Contribution)


Gorgeous to look at, this is sunshine in a pie shell!


Thirsty Bulldog


My parents were sitting outdoors at a restaurant when they heard another customer mention they had a thirsty bulldog. Apparently, they meant their actual bulldog, but my parents thought it was some kind of cocktail. Now it is.

Jalapeño Lemonade Sweetened with Coconut Sugar (Guest Contribution)

Jalapeno lemonade sweetened with coconut sugar

A light and refreshing drink with just a hint of jalapeno, this jalapeno lemonade is sweetened with coconut sugar.

Watermelon Martini (Guest Contribution)


This is literally an award-winning cocktail.

Peachy Rum Punch (Guest Contribution)


Summertime perfection.


Thanks to my fellow bloggers for their contributions! If you visit any of their blogs, be sure to let them know M Delish Boutique sent you, and explore their blogs while you’re there!

Notes: All guest contributors provided photos and links. The remaining photos are original M Delish Boutique content. As of this post, we are all active members of the AFBA (Austin Food Blogger Alliance). You can learn more about our organization here. Be sure to check out the City Guide and explore Austin through food!

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