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2018 Pre-Sale Available Here for my limited batch of canned Hatch Green Chilies. I roast and can them with roasted tomatoes and lime juice. They sell out fast but pre-sale orders are guaranteed! Go grab yours now because when I sell-out they’re gone until next year. Delivery by October 1, 2018 on all pre-sale orders.

FB_IMG_1503250856764Buckle Up: Hatch Green Chili Obsession is a Thing

The madness surrounding Hatch green peppers every year is getting almost out of hand. But then I’m part of it. So roll your eyes, and ride along with my ever-growing obsession with the brief madness. I mean, here in Austin I can get bushels of them in mild, medium or hot at the local grocery store.



So…all the “…hatch this, hatch that…” chatter is just fine with me, although even I rolled my eyes at the Hatch Apple Pie Filling I saw at the store the other day (it is probably pretty good if you’re at that level. I’m not, but I would be if I had a sweet tooth, but I have a spicy tooth. I have a smoky tooth, and I have an appreciation for well-placed salt. All of that goes perfectly with Roasted Hatch Green Chilies & Tomatoes).

I can easily be considered annoying, and cringingly eager (sorry not sorry) to drone incessantly about green chilies. Also which ones are best, recipes that can be made using them, where to get them, how to get them roasted and/or preserved in order to have enough to last throughout the remaining 11.5 months per year.

Yeah, that’s because if you see them somewhere near where you live, they’re EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK. This is heavenly for those of us obsessed. Conversely, if you can’t get them due to your spot on the map, you can only fantasize about the tsunami of Hatch green chilies, and every related possible product one can imagine, and this is the wrong side of the coin for those of us obsessed. I’ve lived on both sides of the divide, and I heavily prefer my spot here in Austin, which is essentially Hatch Valley-adjacent compared to where I’ve lived on the East Coast.

So enough about all that. Let’s chat about Green Chili! And of course, as usual, I can’t resist singing the praises of Hatch green chilies, specifically.

Tomatillo Sauce IS NOT Green Chili

One topic I haven’t ever discussed here pertains to “other” things that are loosely called “Green Chili” but, I’m sorry to say are just not “Green Chili”. Green chili contains GREEN CHILIES, be they Hatch or Anaheim (a milder version of the same pepper, but not grown in the Hatch Valley, NM). Green chili can certainly contain tomatillos, and many recipes do, but it is not the same as tomatillo sauce.

Exhibit A: Not all green sauce is green chili!

Exhibit B: Real Green Chili!


What to do with Hatch Green Chilies

If you’ve read my other posts about green chili, you’ve got a grip on the Hatch basics. So time for some examples of what marvelous things can be done with Hatch Green Chilies & Roasted Tomatoes, or any roasted Hatch chilies.

Green Chilies, onions, shredded chicken or carnitas, roasted tomatoes, stock and spices = Green Chili (eaten like a bowl of any chili)

Green Chili as pictured above, or simply mixed together and simmered with a bit of stock and chopped onion makes a divine filling for tamales.



Stuffed chilies, Chili Rellenos, Green Chili Sauce

Chopped green chilies go famously in salsas, soups, and Cowboy Caviar (pictured)20180318_142519

A pot or bowl of Hatch Green Chili is a Joy Forever


I welcome all things Hatch, but over everything, I like to roast and can my own. After years of doing this for my family to have Hatch peppers year-round, and with a culinary brand developing from this blog (which early on had a lot of chatter about green chilies), it was time to start selling very limited batches of my canned, roasted Hatch green chilies and tomatoes.

By reader request, in 2016 I placed a very limited quantity of my canned chilies and tomatoes (roasted, peeled, seeded, canned and seasoned by me) for sale in my online shop. They sold out in just days. In 2017 I was prepared! Or so I thought. Even though I doubled the number of chilies, they still sold out within a few weeks, pre-sale and all.

I make them available for pre-sale in order to gauge the number of bushels I’ll need above and beyond pre-sale orders. Delivery of all pre-sale orders by October 1. I sell out every year very quickly, so pre-sales guarantees you get your order, and helps others get some as well! 2018 Pre-Sale Available Here

As always, I welcome your discussion, comments, and all things green chili in the comments here, on Facebook or Instagram! 



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