One Dish Wonder: Paella

In my second cookbook “One Dish Wonders“, I included a recipe for Paella. My recipe testers ranged from terrified to nervous about making this beautiful dish. I could easily relate because it took me years to try making it myself. I ended up including the recipe because every single recipe tester found it very easy to make and impressed their families. Nothing beats a gorgeous pot of paella!

Since I published the book, I’ve made it a few times, including with adaptations for a crowd that included a pescatarian. Here are some photos of the prep, cooking, and results of my pescatarian version. This version of my original recipe was made with vegetable stock, Soyrizo and with chicken served on the side for those who wished to have it. Happy with the variation!



Close-up of the sofrito.


PaellaSeafoodI think it could also be made vegetarian without too much effort and with a little help from some Summer squash and maybe some eggplant. What do you think? If you don’t have the book yet, you can get it here.

Learn more about the other recipes in “One Dish Wonders” here.

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