The Soup Pot Cookbook in Weight Watchers Points

SoupStewChiliMugFor those of you who own my first cookbook “The Soup Pot” (which you can purchase in my online shop here, my Etsy shop here, or on Amazon here), and who are also on Weight Watchers, I’ve broken down the points per serving for every soup recipe in the book! Here’s a look at some of the soups in the book, followed by the point counts!

  • My recipe calls for one cup heavy cream and one cup milk. By replacing the heavy cream with whole milk, and the milk with non-fat milk, your new point count would be just 4 points per serving. Make it heartier with an extra quarter pound of shrimp (a zero point food).

    ShrimpSwedish Split Pea Soup – 1 serving 6 Points

    This soup can be easily reduced in points by reducing the brown sugar from 3 tablespoons to 1 or 2. Using just 2 tablespoons would bring the count down to 5 points, or just 1 tablespoon gets you down to 4 points per serving!
    This one also calls for heavy cream. Substitute with whole milk for a total count of (drum roll please….) just TWO points per serving. That means you can splurge on your garnishes! Don’t forget to calculate those separately.
  • Cut the olive oil and farro quantities in half to reduce the point count per serving to just 3 points. Sticks with you!
  • Use half the beef called for in the recipe, plus reduce 1/3 cup barley to 1/2 cup and you’ll have this down to a 5 point soup without giving up the essence and heartiness of this soup.
  • Use half the noodles to get this down to 10 points, and use fat-free broth to shave off another point and get down to 9 points per serving.
  • This one is a lot of points due to the cut of pork, and this is pork ramen after all. So you could use half the pork, and garnish away with eggs to keep the heartiness and that will get you down to 17 points, which is still high due. Another option would be to use pork tenderloin (a lean cut) and that gets you down to 11 points per serving without much effort. Beyond the meat, you’d be giving up the ramen noodles, and this is RAMEN! So I’m not bothering to calculate that. This will just be a higher point count than the others, and if you choose to take less noodles in your bowl, you can probably drop a couple points off of your per serving point count.
  • This one is already low, but if you use low fat Swiss cheese, you can get it down to 4 points per serving.
    *The last four recipes I’m going to skip further reducing, because they’re healthy portions and point counts already.*
  • CubanBlackBeanStacey

    Melissa’s Tortilla Soup – 1 Point

    Yes that’s right! This is just one point per serving, so be sure to calculate your toppings, but go for it with a bit of avocado, cilantro, cheese, tomatoes, pico de gallo, hot sauce and tortilla chips or strips!


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  1. Cher Smith says:

    Love this very helpful. Great addition to book


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