Mastering Thanksgiving: Tip 9 – Be An Awesome Guest

Throughout this series of tips, I’ve referenced guest contributions, where they tend to congregate, if they’ll want to watch the game and so on.CoveredDish

Clearly, not everyone is hosting Thanksgiving. But if everyone shows up ready to chip in, that is a big plus. Here are some quick tips for winning “Best Guest” at your Thanksgiving dinner.

  1. First up: RSVP in a timely fashion. The closer to the date, the sooner you should respond. If there are a few months to decide, at least let the host know you’ll let them know as soon as circumstances such as other family plans or travel become clear. This helps your host with a whole lot of answers about logistics.
  2. Offer to bring something. If you’re not a cook or baker, offer to bring ice, wine or beer, or simply offer to stop at the store on the way to their home.20171123_202052
  3. Bring something anyhow! Nobody ever complained about an extra bottle of wine or some flowers. If you bring the flowers, be sure to offer to put them in water while the host keeps on hosting.
  4. Offer your time and help if you’re chatting with the host in the kitchen or elsewhere. Sometimes offering a specific thing is helpful, “Can I refill your wine” would be my fave. But you can also do those little things like you’d do at home. Pick up disposable things left around after snacks such as napkins or plates. Think of something that needs little guidance from your host.20131128_162859
  5. Relax and let the host feel like a good host! If you’ve offered to help, brought what you said you’d bring, and your host says he or she is all good…chill out and enjoy the awesome company and spread. You’ll sense when it is time to offer to help again. Your host will be happy to hear people talking, laughing and enjoying the holiday they’ve brought together.
  6. Cheers, you’ve almost made it through to the last tip coming in this series: How Much Food To Serve. That is a biggie. So rest up, and count down to Thanksgiving!

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