Mastering Thanksgiving: Tip 7 – Delegate Like a Pro


Delegate! People will ask what they can do to help. Make sure you have a few ideas in mind. These jobs, for the most part, keep people out of the kitchen where you need your space!

Number one rule of the day: If they do hover (and they will), just make sure somebody keeps your drink topped off…you will need it!  You’re hosting, and this meal will be MOIST! On that note, ask someone to bring you a plate of snacks so you keep up your energy.

  • 20171029_173310.jpgIf you’ll have kids running around, make ahead a list of kid-friendly chores to keep them busy and helpful.
  • Pick a partner (a spouse or co-host) and split up the checklist for keeping the day flowing.
  • Put someone in charge of keeping ice in the cooler, or stocking the fridge or cooler with cold drinks.
  • Ask someone to check on the snack trays to see if they need refills (or to be cleared away).
  • If your crew watches football on Thanksgiving, put someone in charge of getting the game on and turning the TV off when it is over, or when it is time to eat.
  • Do you light candles around the house? Ask someone to do this for you while you keep your eye on dinner.
  • Keep a couple of board games handy if in doubt, ask your co-host to spin up a game while you take a breather.

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