Mastering Thanksgiving: Tip 6 – Feed the Beasts! Snacks

Have snacks out for guests to nosh on while dinner is being prepared and the turkey finishes cooking. You might plan on a 3 pm sit-down, and your bird may not be quite ready. Your guests might get hangry.crabcakes

Serving vegetable trays helps people get some fresh, healthy food down before the feast, so keep snacks on the healthy and lighter side. That said, deviled eggs or grainy crackers and cheese can help keep heartier eaters happy…especially if you’re serving plenty of cocktails and playing the ultimate Thanksgiving Day Drinking Game.

Consider spreading the snacks around to seating areas to encourage people to congregate in places aside from the kitchen.

firewood burning in black steel round tray

If you live in a climate where the outdoors is a viable place to hang, light up a bonfire out there and set up a table for snacks and a bucket with a few beers and a bottle of wine. If you’re going this direction, set blankets on the backs of chairs. I promise people will be attracted to this set-up!

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