Garlic & Wine: Comfort

Garlic and wine are pretty much what I would take to survive on a desert island.

So thus begins a theme here on M Delish Boutique.

It is no mistake that most of my writing about food takes place in my kitchen, situated beside my stove and below my overly complicated and stuffed spice cabinet. My eye level is to three shelves and a foot deep of spices, herbs, blends, rubs, mixes, and an ever-growing shelf of spices in bulk due to recipe testing, spice kit designing and well, cooking.

So if all that were stripped away and I was given exactly two things to bring along to the zombie apocalypse, I’d choose garlic (cloves because I could plant them and use them right away for warding off quite possibly vampires and/or fools who don’t like garlic), and wine.

RamenPhoStock.pngYes, wine. It travels well, and while easy to make, I’d need some for cooking and sipping in a variety of possible scenarios. So far, if you’ll recall, I’ve named desert island and zombie apocalypes. See? Works for both cases. What other odd isolationist/survivalist world can we drum up? Would it not be made better and safer with some Garlic & Wine?

So from here on out, when you see “Garlic & Wine” in a post title here on M Delish Boutique, expect more of the same. Odd thoughts that will get you through a minute or two.

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