Summer Wanes. Hatch and Harvest.

SoftYellowGourd.pngEveryone with a garden spends the late Summer noticing the ever-shortening evenings. As if the sun is reminding you from just above the horizon, exactly how amazing those crops look. Whether a small raised bed or acreage, a sewn seed brought to harvest is important.

I get my ingredients, for the most part, from stores. But I do have an inconsistently successful home garden. In Texas so far, I struggle with anything besides herbs and a variety of flowers in  pots. Every year I do my best with tomatoes, but so far I’ve failed to bring much fruit to harvest on even the most sun-tolerant heat-tolerant varieties of plants.

Climate-hopping certainly hasn’t made me a worse gardener, just one with a seemingly endless learning curve about soil, sun, plants, zones, seeds, growing and planting schedules and so on. Texas remains a challenge for me.

New Fall Items in my shop being listed every day!

By contrast, my homes in New England provided awesome conditions for fairly fail-safe gardening. The real trick there is to keep back the weeds, vines and overgrowth. I miss even my pots of tomatoes and green peppers kept up on the porch to keep the deer from feasting. I planted hundreds of bulbs (flower and otherwise) on my Massachusetts and Rhode Island properties. Even a pile of gourds left in the woods for squirrels became a volunteer pumpkin patch the following years. A discarded easter flower basket contents would sprout up from under the leaves every year, a combination of daffodils, tulips and paperwhites.

Spring growth to Fall harvest. It is one of the things I miss the most living here in Texas. The differences between seasons is different.

So I for one, am looking forward to the cooler temperatures so that once again the windows can be opened, A/C switched off, and the sounds and smells of the outdoors can come on through, the dogs can wander in and out at will, and the kitchen projects can commence (pickling, canning, baking, making stocks, and simmering apples and cinnamon sticks on the stove.

As the summer winds down, I’ll be roasting a boat load of Hatch Chilies. Stay tuned for more on that. They will be available for sale (limited stock) shortly. Happy harvest, friends!


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