Trader Joe’s Tip: Glaze

I chat with people all the time who have love for Trader Joe’s. It astounds me that even after twenty plus years of being a TJ’s customer, I still discover new things that I can’t believe I ever lived without. In these TJ’s Tips, I’ll share with you all what my favorite Trader Joe’s finds I adore.

First Up: Glaze!

$2.99/8.5 ounce bottle

Serving size = 1 Tablespoon, 40 calories, 5mg sodium, fat-free, 6g sugar/10g total carbs

Simple name, simple to use on everything from salmon and chicken to salads, tomatoes, cheese and even desserts. This is essentially a balsamic reduction that you can add to hot or cold dishes. Liven up your veggies, grilled salmon, Caprese salad, really…you name it. I’d love to hear what you like using it on if you’re already a convert.

The weather is perfect right now for grabbing a bottle of this to create dressings, add to a plethora of sautees and other dishes as the cooking shifts to the grills and cold salads make kitchen shenanigans cooler.

I love “Glaze” for so much cooking already, and it is kind of easy to try it out on just about everything. Made in Moderna, Italy.


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  1. Dawn says:

    Awesome!!! Wish I lived a little closer to one, but when I do go I stock up and always find something new as well! Thanks for sharing!


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