Truckstop Eats

My road trip from Austin, Texas to Colorado (my native state) yielded some recurring themes at the truck stops along the way. The three main categories that surfaced as I reviewed my truck stop photos:

  1. Fried or rotating meats –


2. A rainbow of jerkies –

3. Sweets displayed with great concern –


Traveling in the United States always reminds me that Americans have guts of steel. While I stuck with some high-end jerky, lots of water and sandwiches made from our cooler supplies, I consumed the truck stop haul through photos.

More road trip photos to come as I sort through my photos. I’ll be posting pics from Food Co-ops, Tex-Mex restaurants, Farmer’s Markets, a Top Chef contestant’s restaurant in the mountains, lots of casual dining spots along the way, and even some cooking we did with friends and family. Follow on facebook for the rest of my journey! — and if you’d like to see the whole culinary trip in photos, check out my instagram feed @mdelishboutique.



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