Tool Day: Cast Iron Pizza Griddle

Meet my new cast iron pizza pan and griddle! I try new kitchen tools, gadgets, pans and so on all the time. Notably I only write about my true favorites here on my blog. I’m happy to say that within a week of procuring the newest member of my cast iron family, this is awesome. I’m even guilty of planning my cooking around using this pan.


What do I love about it? Aside from being cast iron (I have a thing for cast iron), which can be used on my induction stove, in my oven or even on my charcoal grill, just look at those griddle lines!

How amazing and delicious do those drumsticks look with nice golden grill lines, and the criss cross lines on my grilled cheese are a total game changer. Yes. I said game changer! Maybe not everyone considers food presentation a form of therapy, but I do. I love the challenge of making something hum drum look incredible and appetizing beyond resistance.

If you’ve never owned a cast iron pan or pot, I recommend starting with this. It arrived at my door seasoned and ready to use. Be sure to follow instructions for taking care of cast iron, because these pans can be passed down for generations. Good care is simple and important…but beyond that a well-used cast iron pan becomes better with age. No sticking, and wonderfully even heat makes cooking a joy.


I can use it in place of my pizza stone, and I’ll be considering whether or not to pass my pizza stone on to a new home, depending on the performance this gives me. I love cooking outdoors at any opportunity, and cast iron gives me the option to get that charcoal flavor on so many more foods. I’ll try vegetable skewers, asparagus, and other tricky veggies that tend to fall apart on the grill rack. I’ll be roasting tomatoes and smaller chili peppers on this over the coals as well.

You can purchase the pan here.

Disclaimer: I purchased this pan at a discount in exchange for an honest and thorough Amazon review, but I chose to write about it here on my blog entirely to share this great product with my readers. My recommendation here on my blog is entirely by choice. I love this pan! My blog is a place where trust is greatly respected, so I will never write about products I don’t absolutely love and use in my home kitchen.

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